These celebs disagree with Eedris Abdulkareem’s claims on Honest Bunch pod

However he has ruffled the feathers of some of the celebrities whose names he dropped during the interview.

Here is a growing list of celebrities that have disagreed with what he said during the interview:

Starting with the most recent, on Wednesday February 21, 2024, Tetuila called his former bandmate Abdulakereem a “bloody liar.”

In the video posted on Instagram, Tetuila was seen reacting in astonishment to Abdulkareem’s interview, standing in front of the television, shaking his head in disbelief, and putting his hands over his mouth. The artiste then debunked Abdulkareem’s claims saying, “I am highly disappointed in this guy, he is a bloody liar, how could a grown man like this be telling lies? Na GOD go punish who dey lie.”

This comes after Abdukareem claimed that the reason why Tetuila was added to their now defunct music group was because he was “desperate to sing.”

We went to Ilorin and that’s where we met Tony Tetuila. So Tony joined us because we needed to record more songs and he wanted to sing so desperately, so we told him to join us and that’s how we became three,” he said.

Abdulkareem also claimed in the interview that he spoke to comedian Seyi Law at one of his stand-up shows, adding that Seyi had expressed regret about supporting President Tinubu.

“I was at an event yesterday and Seyi Law came up and said, Abeg, make una no vex o! Everybody don curse me taya because I stand for Tinubu. I no dey on him mandate again o!’ And I asked him, ‘Seyi, how do you cope now?’ He said, ‘My brother, I messed up.’ He said no be say he collect anything. He said he made the biggest mistake,” he said.

However, Seyi Law denied the claims on social media. “Eedris na person wey I love, but this is not true abeg. @iamshortfamily, when I talk this one for your show?” he said.

In another tweet he said, “Thanks for posting this first. I have been looking for someone who recorded my performance. So where did I tell Eedris I made the biggest mistake? Is it that he thinks a joke is a reality?”

Another celebrity who called the Jaga Jaga singer out was Eddie Montana, the second member of their now defunct music group The Remedies.

While speaking with Daddy Freeze on an Instagram Live session, Montana debunked Abdulkareem’s claims regarding one of their hit songs ‘Shakomo,‘ which he said that he owned. Montana stressed that the break-out hit single was his, adding that he simply featured Abdulkareem on it.

He also attacked his former bandmate over his recent statement regarding Burna Boy, telling him that had no right to tackle Burna Boy because “he didn’t support anyone but only fought for himself”.

“It’s karma that is doing Eedris and he doesn’t know it. He didn’t respect those that came never him. I gave him food and welcomed him to the group,” he said.

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