“Things occur in the Lagos” Pretty Mike writes as he shares the different s£xual fantasies men have

?Things occur in the Lagos? Pretty Mike writes as he shares the different s�xual fantasies men have

Socialite, Pretty Mike, has expressed shock at the different sexual fantasies some men in Lagos state have. 


In a post shared on his Instagram page, the socialite mentioned that he has heard of men having fantasies of only sleeping with married women, pregnant women as well as those whose fantasies are only to be with older women.


He wrote;

”There are some men that have an abnormal fantasy of

sleeping with married women. You’d never see them date a single lady! If you’re not married with a ring they can’t date you. Pls is there a special reason for doing such ??.


They said it’s just their fantasy….


There are also some men that get aroused when they see a pregnant woman.They can never date any woman that isn’t pregnant or nursing a baby. It turns them on.


Ha It’s their fantasy.


There are some men who can never date or

sleep with any woman that isn’t old. They’re

attracted to old women or elderly women with

sagged skin and dried breast.,Fantasy ooooh …


Yes I have heard these things be4, but I recently met a group of guys that enjoy engaging in these activities “Things Dey occur for this Lagos ooh…. Shine ur Eyes, make dem no carry u go where you no know”




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