You won’t believe these 3 ‘real jobs’ Trevor Noah held before fame

He is known for his wit and punch lines, but did you know that he once had these jobs before the fame?

Speaking on the latest episode of his Spotify original podcast What Now? with Trevor Noah, the comedian said that it’s ridiculous to think he hasn’t held a 9 to 5 job in his life.

See below three jobs he held before becoming famous:

Trevor Noah revealed that before the fame he once worked at a video game arcade. Although this experience was acquired decades ago, he still counts it as a viable work experience.

At the arcade, he was the token attendant, in charge of converting gamers’ money into tokens.

Another job Noah mentioned was reading the electricity meters for his mother’s business back in South Africa. This was a job he spoke highly of, highlighting his involvement in the family business and asserting that without him, they couldn’t know how much electricity was used every month. Noah proudly emphasised on his electricity monitoring skills from back then.

In Trevor Noah’s pre-comedy career, he also worked as a taxi driver. He revealed that he spent a year behind the wheel driving passengers to their destinations. Even though it isn’t what he called an “office job,” it is classified as a 9-5 because he started the job as early as 4am and worked until 9pm everyday.

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