60-year-old woman shows off her impressive curves in bikini

60-year-old woman shows off her impressive curves in bikini

A model in her 60s is flaunting her physique in swimsuits. 


Kathy Jacobs likes to strip down to her skimpy underwear in the street, leaving fans wondering if she is 25. 


Kathy, who grew up in a small town in Texas before moving to California, says she always wanted to be a model and started trying in the 80s.


But even though it was her dream, her career didn’t take off and she decided to stop.


The 5ft 2in mum-of-one never thought she’d get back into modelling, but in her mid-50s, she decided to give it one more go. 


60-year-old woman shows off her impressive curves in bikini


Since then, she’s been rocking it, even modelling in her swim gear for the huge American magazine Sports Illustrated, as their oldest-ever model. 


She also got to wear cool bikinis in a music video for the famous US rockers Green Day. Chatting with Bored Panda, 


Kathy previously said: “I was a model in the ’80s in NYC, and then did some stuff here and there in LA.


“But I had given up and got a minimum wage job sweeping the floor at a Drybar, and decided to give it one last shot about a year and a half ago.


“I started self-submitting myself for modelling and acting jobs and got quite a few [of them].” 


Now, Kathy is busy being a model and actress, and she’s even had to get an agent because she’s doing so well.


Addressing how she keeps looking fab in her 60s, she’s shared some tips for staying young. 


60-year-old woman shows off her impressive curves in bikini


She chatted about not being a “diet expert”, but said that she had to change what she ate because she was nearly diabetic. So, she stopped eating meat and sugar and doesn’t have much fish either. Kathy isn’t keen on lots of carbs like bread, pasta, rice, and normal potatoes. But she does love sweet potatoes.


She talked about her top food picks, saying: “I drink lots of almond milk because I use it in my coffee and smoothie every day. I eat a lot of almond flour crackers. 


“And I make ugly almond flour muffins sweetened with stevia or sugar substitute.” 


Kathy also keeps fit by working out up to four times a week.


She loves the gym, F45, and belly dancing classes too. 


Kathy really believes in thinking positively and tells other women to be happy about getting older. 


On Instagram, she said: “I am invincible, not invisible. 


“I refuse to dim my light because of my age so you can stop telling me and others to go dark! 


“Those of us refusing to dim our lights are making it easier for you to not have to dim your light one day.”

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