Larry Madowo reacts after being named among Africa’s 100 Most Impactful People

Madowo shared an image in which he was listed among Africa’s Most Impactful People in 2023 and questioned what the award meant in the first place.

“What does this even mean? Why are there so many pointless awards?” Read Madowo’s caption of the image.

The organization behind the award congratulated Madowo writing:

“In recognition of your outstanding impact, we celebrate you as one of the 100 Most Impactful Africans who have raised global awareness of Africa’s many potentials and values through the industry you represent in 2023.”

The journalist’s reaction saw netizens weigh in with some reminding him that no award is pointless as it is an indication that entity somewhere has noted Madowo’s good job, just like the other awards that he has received in the past.

Some reminded the journalist of his humble beginnings before he began winning awards as his career picked up as sampled in the comments below.

Yussuf Omar Dakane: Hey Larry! Awards might not always feel world-changing, but they do celebrate hard work and dedication. Maybe they’re a reminder to appreciate the less visible contributions that make a difference.

TourismProAfrica: Larry just accept your flowers and move on bro. No need to super analyze

Motanya Bitari: Congrats Lakini wacha maringo,they are not pointless awards.They are recognitions, wanakutambua

Sir Chief: It is not pointless, your presence where you are brings joy to the rest of us watching. “That is one of our own”. Our Eiffel tower

Majo: Just say “Thank you”. Be gracious.

Wilson: There is no pointless award, just receive with Humility

Angela Mugo: Which one did you want …..aim for it as you appreciate this pointless one

Fredrick Odoyo Maira: You wouldn’t say this back in the days! Remember when you started at KTN? Hosting that business show from 2 pm on weekdays!

Andanje Benson: There’s no pointless award Larry, somebody somewhere felt he/she should genuinely appreciate your work, sometimes we impact lives even without ourselves realizing that, accept the award with empathy

Others noted that Larry was in order to question the award, opining that awards mushroom every other day and some are awarded on questionable grounds.

Nellard: I agree with you, There are so many useless awards. Are you guys paid for them? Or they may just be conduits for money laundering.

Reuben: Hahaha there’s something called making the award popular.

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