Omah Lay reacts to viral video of him dancing with a fan’s girlfriend

The controversy ignited when Omah Lay invited a female fan, reportedly attending the concert with her boyfriend, to join him onstage during his performance of the song ‘Bend You.’ Videos captured by concert attendees quickly spread online, triggering discussions about the appropriateness of the onstage interaction.

During the performance, Omah Lay’s energetic dance moves and the enthusiastic response from the crowd drew cheers. As he and the young lady climbed a staircase to continue their dance, the unexpected falling of the curtain added a theatrical twist to the incident, leaving their silhouettes visible to the audience.

Despite facing significant backlash, Omah Lay chose not to remain silent. Instead, he reached out to the lady identified as Fafa, expressing his affection for her in a gesture that surprised many.

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