Parents, be active in your kids’ lives for limitless demands – Rita Edochie

She further said that nurturing, loving and providing the basic things of their children, makes those children to be outstanding anywhere they find themselves.

According to her, parents are shaping their children’s future when they provide those basic things they need in life, saying that it is necessary to invest in them now and reap the profits later.

She added that to avoid neglect in old age, parents should not abandon their children in their struggle but rather help them in their struggle because when they triumph to success, their parents might not have any right to their success story.

“Stop running away from your responsibilities in the lives of your children, face them squarely and gain massive rewards when they come of age with strong positive societal influence.

“If you are a parent, married or single, please ignite your responsibilities in the lives of your kids.

“Nurture, love and provide all the basic things they need to become outstanding. This is your child’s future you are shaping, invest in them now and reap the price later.

“Don’t abandon them to struggle alone, if you do, they eventually triumph to success, you may have no say or right in their success.

“You will just be at their mercy as no one will compel them to love and take of you in old age. They will decide what to give you and when they will give to you.

“But when you go out of your way to invest in your child’s future when he or she becomes successful you will always have full right to his or her pocket, freely making demands without limitations.

“Don’t disputes this message because I see this happening in various families I know,” she wrote.

Rita Edochie who is currently the Women Leader of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), began her acting career in the 1990s.

She has starred in more than 50 Nollywood movies which include; Shining Light, Only Yesterday, August Meeting, Breaking Rules, My Lost Love, Blood Line, In My Kingdom, Regret to Love, Pain and Glory, among others.

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