Actor Kola Oyewo reveals that his enlarged prostate rendered him impotent

In a recent interview with fellow actor and media personality, Kunle Afod, the veteran recounted the story of how he discovered that he had an enlarged prostate back in July 2019. At the time, the tell-tale sign that something was wrong was his inability to urinate normally, so he visited a doctor.

He began, “It’s not a small thing. I have an enlarged prostate, I used to do everything, and as you all know, until July 2019, I started finding it hard to urinate. I went to the hospital, I was given drugs and later went for a test, and I was told my prostate gland is about to block. My doctor instructed me to go to his main hospital, where an attempt was made to insert something into my penis, but it was unsuccessful.”

He recounted the emotional moment when he informed his wife, who has been battling a stroke since 2017, about his diagnosis and the impending surgeries. The actor stated that she broke down in tears due to her fear and he reassured her despite his own uncertainty of how the surgeries would go.

The actor highlighted the medical procedures he underwent; one to assist with urination and the second which rendered him impotent.

“An incision was made on my stomach, and a device was inserted to assist with urination. I was informed it was necessary to prevent immediate death. I was also recommended for another surgery to cease my sexual function. I consented, as I no longer required it, and my children were adults with their own families,” Oyewo narrated.

He continued, “Subsequently, I underwent the surgery with two of my children present. Afterwards, I was advised to undergo another X-ray at the teaching hospital, which nearly proved fatal. “

Oyewo expressed regret over undergoing the surgery which made it impossible for him to urinate naturally. He said, “Had I known I would lose the ability to urinate normally through my penis, I would not have proceeded with the surgery.”

He also revealed that actress, Foluke Daramola, was aware of his health issues, adding that he had requested that she keep his ailment under wraps.

Smiling, Oyewo emphasised on his significant improvement, announcing that he has resumed working on movie sets.

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