British-Nigerian cosmetic doctor, Oluwafemi ‘Tijion’ Esho denies having s3x with the patient in exchange for free botox, but admits his conduct towards the woman was ‘driven by s3xual desires’

British-Nigerian cosmetic doctor, Oluwafemi

British-Nigerian cosmetic doctor, Oluwafemi ‘Tijion’ Esho has denied having sex with a patient in exchange for free botox, but admitted that his conduct towards the woman was ‘driven by sexual desires.’


The former This Morning TV doctor Tijion Esho told a medical tribunal that he could have had sex with a ‘vulnerable’ patient at one of his clinics if he’d ‘wanted’ to.



The woman – known only as Patient A – had visited the doctor about a designer lip procedure, which he provides at his clinics in London, Newcastle, and Dubai.



The celebrity doctor denied that he rubbed himself against the patient, took his penis out of his trousers and allowed her to perform a sex act on him. 



The woman claims the cosmetic expert ‘hounded’ her for sex after they exchanged X-rated messages on Instagram, during the period between July 2019 and February 2022, including 30 images of her bottom.



The tribunal, held in Manchester, has heard how the woman proposed a ‘skills swap’ with the doctor which involved her providing ‘booty’ and ‘t****’ In return for treatment.



The TV doctor admits having an improper emotional relationship with the patient, but claims the relationship did not become physical, and denies they had sex at his Newcastle clinic in return for free Botox treatment.



It’s alleged he also told her could ‘get away’ with giving her Botox in exchange for further sexual services.



Giving evidence, the celebrity surgeon, also known as Dr. Oluwafemi Esho, said he had been sexually attracted to the woman and had swapped messages with her for ‘sexual gratification’.



When questioned by Chloe Hudson, counsel for GMC, he admitted a ‘lack of insight’ at the time had seen him put his licence to practise ‘at risk’ and his behaviour had been ‘appalling’.



He agreed his actions were ‘driven by sexual desires’, but he’d never taken the patient’s offers of sexual services ‘seriously’.



And he denied his relationship with Patient A had involved physical sexual contact.



When Ms Hudson suggested he was lying, Dr Esho became emotional and said his dad ‘did not bring him up to lie’.



‘I am telling the truth here, I will never do this again,’ he said.



‘I can only tell you the context of the messages you see. I did not have any sexual relationship with Patient A.’



Ms Hudson said the doctor had initiated some of the sexting between him and the patient and she’d not ‘led the narrative’ as claimed.



The messages show he’d wanted to use her services, she said.



‘If I’d wanted them I could have had them,’ he replied, before adding that the sex chat had been ‘shameful’ and he regretted it.



Ms Hudson told the tribunal how the doctor, in his witness statement, had discussed how he ‘championed patient safety’ due to ‘cowboys’ in the cosmetic industry who had left patients disfigured and in pain.



She said he claimed to only take on media opportunities that ‘aligned with his values’.



Yet when the patient messaged him about her cheeks being in pain due to a filler treatment, she said, he’d responded with: ‘Okay I’ll help if I get the booty.’



And the patient later sent him 30 images of her bottom.



It was put to the doctor that he had not sought to help the patient and it sounded like he was ‘offering an exchange’, and he’d wanted to have sex with her.



Dr Esho said his language was inappropriate but from a topless video the patient sent him he could see she didn’t need any urgent medical treatment and his response was intended as a ‘joke’.



He denies he made inappropriate comments about the patient’s bottom during another appointment, rubbed himself against her, and took his penis out of his trousers and allowed her to perform a sex act on him.



But he admits that between July 2019 and February 2022, he behaved inappropriately by exchanging messages with the patient.



He also admits having an ‘improper emotional relationship’ with her between July 2019 and May 2022 and that his conduct in relation to both allegations was ‘sexually motivated’.



It’s alleged that he knew Patient A was ‘vulnerable’ due to her profession, which he also denies.


The tribunal – due to last 15 days – continues.





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