FCT residents loot NEMA warehouse over economic hardship

If you want to do a proper revolution and make the stealers of our wealth accountable 1- Go to ALL the airports all over the country and lock them down. No plane, private jets or helicopters must Leave the country. Then station the masses in all of the escapes border routes, the hidden ones, not the obvious ones.
2-position spies around their homes, their children homes and the side chicks and and mistresses and even side boys(a lot of them are bisexuals or gay).
3-then monitor their businesses, see who goes out and comes in. Do the above in their villages homes(look for the fake soakaways) and their slaughterhouses (so called guest houses) All over the country)and their coded hidden offices(they all have one).
4- the adult children are the easiest to grab. Their heirs. Find them. Nigerians abroad know where they all are.
5-station next to the Cbn and the TV and radio stations. You must prevent disinformation and propaganda. No gree make them enter.
6- the #1 enemies of nigeria the ones that have taken so much MALAMI, Buhari’s l nephew(aka tunde) HAJIA palliative, lawan, Akpabio, Funtua family b4b4 front for Buhari, some Buratai and his Buhari era “boys” that swallowed and continue to move crude our crude, some top civil servants(their names are being compiled), gbaja, some wobia governors. The so called movers and launderers of fx for these politicians. You will know them soon. The Lebanese and Indian cartel and advisers who help them facilitate the crimes and set up offshore accounts for them and purchase properties for them abroad. Their UK, Irish and Chinese lawyers and firms. We have identified the islands and isles they have accounts in. They must not Leave this country. GET THEM no gree for them.
7-FIND Yakubu mumu mahmud, find his family anywhere they are on this planet. Find every sing inec commissioner that was present in the 2023 elections, find all the judges that ignored the rule of Law they swore to uphold. NO GREE. Drag them, find them, SNATCH THEM.
Ah! Of course it won’t be complete without the cherry on the pie. Short man HELLRUFAI murderer of a million Christians, is and always will be Nigeria’s enemy #1. Even if he is in school in whatever country we are sure there are Nigerians there-he must be given the ekweremadu German treatment. This wickedly Evil man must be found. Leave Tinubu. He is just an opportunist the people that needs whipping are sissy Alake and lying Onanuga. They just need to be lashed and paraded on the streets.

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