Omah Lay’s girl says she took her BF to the show to make him happy

In a recent development, the young lady, who attended the event with her boyfriend, has spoken out about their agreement prior to the incident.

Jessani, as she’s identified, garnered attention for her on-stage interaction with Omah Lay, drawing criticism for seemingly disregarding her relationship.

However, in an interview with Trendcntrl, Jessani clarified the situation, revealing that she and her partner had a mutual understanding about her participation.

She explained that her boyfriend supported her decision to join Omah Lay on stage after the singer called her forward.

Additionally, Jessani disclosed her longstanding admiration for the Afrobeat star, which prompted her to purchase tickets for the concert.

She further explained that she invited her boyfriend to the event to uplift his spirits during a difficult period, intending for them both to enjoy themselves.

Jessani has since apologized for any misunderstanding, emphasizing the supportive dynamic between her and her partner amidst the unexpected spotlight.

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