Kai Cenat in Nigeria with Davido, Shank

The content creator mentioned on his livestream that he dashed someone $5,000 on one of his stops in Lagos, unaware he had just made the unknown beneficiary a millionaire. The 22-year-old was surprised to see that his donation was the equivalent of ₦8 million, as calculated by Adesokan ‘Shank Comics’ Emmanuel, the Nigerian comedian who’s been acting as his Lagos tour guide.

On March 9, 2024, Cenat and his brother Fanum were given a warm welcome at the airport by his Nigerian fans. Shank received them with a merry band of singers and drummers and the viral clip captivated the attention of many as Cenat danced and grooved to the tunes. Comically, he was soon after given the nickname Femi Omo Werey by Shank who has been showing him around the city since then.

In the video uploaded to his YouTube, Cenat was excited to try Nigerian food for the first time. Shank took him to a local buka spot where they indulged in one of the popular Yoruba delicacies: amala, gbegiri and ewedu, and he loved it!

Cenat touched down in Lagos with a plan, and one of his agendas was to make sure to give back to the community, particularly to Makoko, one of the poorest slums in Nigeria.

He said “I’ve been wanting to come here and now that I’m finally here, the first thing I want to do is immediately and quickly give back. I have a large Nigerian support base and I came across a place called Makoko I did my research on it and I thought it’d be good to give the people what they need. I need to get that done ASAP before I do anything else.”

He was then taken to the riverine area called Makoko, and while there he visited the Children’s Development Foundation School and orphanage where he met with the 23-year-old principal. He was received with a heartfelt welcome from the children who applauded him and thanked him.

Cenat reportedly donated about $3000 to the renovation and development of the school and orphanage.

One of the highlights of Cenat’s stay was his trip to the marketplace with Shank. A viral clip captured the streamer’s reaction after learning that a designer duffel bag was being sold for the $14 equivalent.

“Hollup, $14? For a Louis duffy?!” he exclaimed in utter disbelief.

Shank also taught the American the proper way to haggle prices at the market, including the ever-famous tactic of pretending to walk away.

Cenat also linked up with Grammy-nominated artiste Davido and the two had a swell time! From the warm hug they exchanged upon meeting, to the jokes and banter, it was a sight to see. Excitedly Kai exclaimed, “Bro, You are a legend here!”

Let’s not forget the thrilling ride in Davido’s Lamborghini! After dinner, the pair tore through the streets of Lagos in the fast sports car. And after that? They clubbed at an exclusive spot on Lagos Island.

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