Chika Ike Debuts First YouTube Movie ‘8 REASONS WHY We Broke Up!’ on Chika Ike TV

Chika Ike Debuts First YouTube Movie

Actress, film-maker and entrepreneur, Chika Ike is back with a bang, and this time, she’s taking her talents to the digital realm. The Nollywood star has announced the release of her highly anticipated movie – “8 REASONS WHY We Broke Up!” on her social media accounts and YouTube channel – Chika Ike TV. 


The movie which stars our silver screen goddess Chika Ike, the delightful powerhouse Eddie Watson and the endearing Rosemary Afuwape, explores the complexities of relationships and the various factors that can lead to their demise. With Chika Ike at the helm, viewers can expect top-notch performances, compelling dialogue, and stunning visuals that will leave a lasting impression. 


Everyone can catch “8 REASONS WHY We Broke Up!” exclusively on Chika Ike TV – YouTube, where it is sure to be met with enthusiasm and acclaim. 


Here is a direct link to the movie:

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