Police nab witch doctor, 25 others linked to snatching of 79 cars in Rivers

Police nab witch doctor, 25 others linked to snatching of 79 cars in Rivers

Men of the Rivers state police command have arrested a witch doctor and 25 others suspected to be members of a car-snatching syndicate responsible for the snatching of 79 cars in the state.


While parading the suspects before newsmen, the state Commissioner of Police, Olatunji Disu, said the shrine believed to be used by the “juju-priest” in fortifying the criminals for their operations had been confiscated.


The police boss mentioned that Chidube, Anthony and Kelechi (a car mechanic) were major culprits in the car-snatching business, disclosing that Chidube trains his men on car snatching and he was linked to all suspects arrested while Kelechi is an expert in removing trackers. He added that the suspects used a spare key to steal the car while most of the cars stolen were taken to Kano and Anambra states, where they sold them off, even as scraps.

‘’Their witch doctor has been arrested. He tells them when it is safe to go for an operation. We also have a team of robbers, who follow you when you go to the bank. When you resist them, they attack and fire you. Their firearms have been recovered.

The syndicate began operating in January 2023 and has been responsible for the theft of more than 40 cars. They all came to Port Harcourt from different states to perpetuate their criminal enterprise. Their operation sees them snatch cars or steal them from where they are parked.

The cars are then classified into those to be sold or those to be sent to a scrap yard in Mgbuka-Obosi, Onitsha, to be ‘butchered’ for spare parts.” he said

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