Yung Miami accused of transporting ‘Pink Cocaine’ for Diddy in new court documents

Yung Miami accused  of transporting

Rapper Yung Miami has been accused of trafficking a drug known as “tuci” for Diddy in new legal documents related to his lawsuit against the hip-hop mogul. 



Earlier this week, music producer Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones amended the bombshell $30 million sexual assault lawsuit he filed against Diddy in February. 



In the fresh information added to the suit, Rodney Jones claims Diddy has harassed him and his family since he made his accusations public. He also added Cuba Gooding Jr. as another defendant, accusing the actor of sexual abuse and molestation.



According to new reports, the additional 25 pages of information also name Yung Miami as someone who was once tasked with providing Diddy with a drug substance called “pink cocaine.” Per a medical website, tuci (or tusi), also known as pink cocaine, is “a combination of pink food coloring, strawberry flavoring, ketamine, caffeine, and MDMA.”



Rodney Jones says in his suit that during rehearsals for a performance, Diddy requested the synthetic drug from his purported drug mule, Brendan Paul. However, when Paul realized he forgot to pack Diddy’s alleged drug of choice, the businessman’s chief of staff, Kristina Khorram, contacted Yung Miami to bring the pink cocaine with her to the event, according to the legal documents.



“Plaintiff and the Combs Rico Enterprise were rehearsing for ‘Something in the Westival’ in Virginia. Plaintiff Jones personally witnessed Mr. Combs do a few lines of coke in his dressing room. Defendant Sean Combs wanted tuci but Brendan forgot it, so Defendant Kristina Khorram contacted Yung Miami. Who then brought it on the private jet from Miami.”



The suit also reportedly expresses that people close to Diddy are often required to secure, transport, and distribute illegal substances including ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana, mushrooms, and, tuci — on behalf of the billionaire.



It alleges that during national and international travels the drugs were smuggled in carry-on luggage by Diddy’s associates, which reportedly included his suspected leading lady, Yung Miami.



Paul was arrested on Monday at the Miami Opa-Locka Airport on cocaine and marijuana possession charges. The arrest occurred as Homeland Security raided Diddy’s Miami and Los Angeles homes.

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