John Dumelo claims some women are trying hard to sleep with him

He said some women come in the guise of wanting a relationship with him, however, some also tell him directly that they want to just sleep with him.

He continued that some of them even go straight to the point of telling him that they want to sleep with him so they can be free.

John Dumelo stated: “Some women are forthright with what they want. They will tell you that John this is what I want from you.”

Aside from being an actor of international recognition, Dumelo is an entrepreneur. He launched his clothing line (J.Melo) in 2012. The actor is also known to be involved in both crop and animal farming.

John Dumelo is hoping to be second-time lucky as he contests for the Ayawaso West Wugon seat, against the incumbent Lydia Seyram Alhassan.

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